2023 programme (outline)

OCOVA 2023 will focus, through case studies in the Alpine space in France and Europe and the results of workshops for the emergence of pilot projects, to expose the the facilitating role of integrated digital solution for the ecological transition in our mountain territories. Particular attention will be paid to the different components of such solutions: field sensors, LPWAN networks, context brokers (FIWARE), multi-field supervisors, AI for turning knowledge into intelligence. The forum will present how standard and ope source interconnections at the local/regional scale will allow data sharing and facilitate decision making at all scale.
In a second step, interventions and round tables will allow to exchange on the modalities of appropriation and commitment of populations and actors as well as the problems of the organization of sharing and valorisation of data between multiple stakeholders.
The debate will open with the decision makers of mountain policies on the obstacles to the development of an environmentally, economically and socially responsible and efficient mountain, as well as on the levers of change and the place of innovation for new models of tourism models to reshape the future of mountain territories.
Program outline
9:00-9:30 – Opening by the authorities
9:30-12:45: Morning “Integrated digital solutions for the ecological transition of mountain territories
9:30-11:30 State of the art of technologies, case studies, projects – Energy, water, waste, mobility: user communities and collective services. with the participation of Atos, EGM, Region SUD, Les Orres/CCSP, Territoire d’Energies-Syme05, European pilot projects (Italy, Germany, Slovenia…)
11:45-12:45 Sharing and valorization of data, management of the commons and commitment of actors: issues, methodologies (SCIC Tetris, Aix-Marseille University)

12:45-14:00: Buffet / exhibition

14:00-16:30 – Afternoon: “Resilience models for mountain tourism”
14:00-15:00 Digital innovation and evolution of tourism models
15:00-16:30 Round table ” New models for the resort of tomorrow”  (French and European mountain resorts, representatives of the development of mountain territories – ANMSM, State, Alps Space Committee, Alpine Regions)
16:30-16:45 – Conclusion and closing of the forum
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