2024 – Presentation


Against a backdrop of necessary changes in mountain tourism, there are two main areas of transformation for Alpine resorts and valleys: the ecological transition and changing tourism models. Mountain resorts are the driving force behind the tourist industry, which is vital to the economic balance of our regions because of the high levels of income and direct, indirect and induced employment they generate. Faced with the challenges posed by global warming, the objectives of energy sobriety, good management of water resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and, more generally, taking into account all the areas of the ecological transition are a necessity now recognised by all. This cannot be achieved without a link to changes in tourism models, in particular with a view to extending the season wings and an approach to the mountains for all, all year round, taking into account the preservation of natural areas.

Intelligent technologies with low energy consumption and low environmental impact offer a set of tools needed to bring about change: there can be no action programme without knowledge of the realities on the ground. All knowledge is based on the collection and processing of relevant data. This dynamic of Data Collection – Processing – Exploitation – Decision-making – Sharing is at the heart of the approach presented at the OCOVA forums. It offers local communities (valley areas, conurbations) the ability to manage and control resources and their uses in their areas: energy, water, mobility, etc. The prospects for exploiting and sharing data at different scales (local, regional, Alpine massif) will help to disseminate relevant information to the various categories of stakeholders and get them involved in the process (local authorities, environmental policy-makers, infrastructure and service operators, residents and tourists).

Mountains of tomorrow: energy efficiency and resource management optimisation

The first session in the morning will be devoted to renewable energy production in the mountains, its characteristics, its performance and the obstacles to deployment. This will be followed by presentations on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and managing mobility and accessibility in mountain resorts. There will also be presentations on approaches to reducing energy consumption, particularly in buildings and installations.

Drones and usages in mountain territories

Drones are becoming an increasingly important tool for collecting data and intervening in the field, thanks to their flexibility, ease of deployment and the diversity of missions they can carry out. However, missions must be prepared and carried out by qualified, well-trained personnel, in compliance with regulations, safety and the needs of the various categories of mountain users. This is why a Mountain Drone Centre of Excellence has been set up, with the aim of training remote pilots and advising on the preparation and operational conduct of various types of mission, in the specific context of mountain areas. Created at the end of 2023 with the support of Les Orres, the CEDM has already carried out a number of training and consultancy initiatives for mountain resorts. The OCOVA 2024 forum will be an opportunity to present these initiatives in various categories of use — from operations in complex environments to special features — with the participation of resorts monitored by the CEDM: Les Orres, Les Belleville, Serre Chevalier, Tignes and Courchevel.

Mountains of tomorrow: territorial intelligence

The afternoon sessions will focus on the use and exchange of data. Firstly, approaches to the use of multi-source data (drone, satellite, etc.) for applications based on geographic information systems (GIS) in Austria will be presented, as well as a European project on data quality, its enhancement and exploitation for water management in territories (SEDMARK), and water quality control (Scottish Water). The presentations and debates will then focus on strategic visions for territorial development and the exchange of data at local, regional and inter-regional levels, with the participation of the SUD Region and the Lombardy Region. Forum 2024 will thus make a further contribution to the emergence of the mountains of tomorrow.

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