2024 Programme

8h30-9h00: Welcome / registration

9h00-9h45: Opening, speeches by the authorities

Pierre Vollaire, Mayor of Les Orres, Vice-chairman of ANMSM.; Jean-Marie Bernard, President  of the Hautes-Alpes; Renaud Muselier, President of the  Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region; Jean-Michel Arnaud, Senator for the Hautes-Alpes; Joël Giraud, Member of the Parliament for the Hautes-Alpes; Dominique Dufour, Prefect of the Hautes-Alpes.

9h45-10h50: SESSION 1 – Energy transition

  • Deployment of photovoltaic systems in mountain areas: examples of projects, obstacles to deployment, developments and perspectives – Xavier Duport (Sunwind Energy) PDF_dwnld_button
  • Mobility management and ski resort accessibility – Leonardo La Rocca (Regione Lombardia, IT) PDF_dwnld_button
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from operations – Olivier Barts (GSA)  PDF_dwnld_button
  • Q&A

10h50-11h40: SESSION 2 – Renovation of tourist accomodation

  • Tourist housing in mountain resorts: an update on regulations and actions – Sylvain Charlot (Atout France) PDF_dwnld_button
  • Tourist housing in mountain resorts: a technological update on renovation and energy optimization – Michel Daniel (Saint-Gobain) PDF_dwnld_button
  • Q&A

11h40-12h35: SESSION 3 – Drone operations in mountains (1)

  • Introduction and outline of objectives – CEDM, Pierre Vollaire (Les Orres)  PDF_dwnld_button
  • Drones in Les Orres: prospects and experience – Tommy Jung & Stéphane Henry (Semlore) PDF_dwnld_button
  • Mountain safety & rescue: first-hand accounts and global vision – CEDM PDF_dwnld_button
  • Q&A


14h00-15h00: SESSION 3 Drone operations in mountains (2)

  • Audiovisual use and filming – Gaëtan Barthélémy (Movement Productions), Christophe Rosanvallon
  • Snow depth measurement and snow optimisation – Benjamin Faure (Serre Chevalier), Julie Aubert (Elda Technologies) PDF_dwnld_button
  • Operations in complex environments: testimonials from ski resorts – Timothée Bondu (Tignes), Cédric Perretier (Courchevel) PDF_dwnld_button
  • Procedures for deploying drones in ski areas – Thierry de Boisvilliers (CEDM) PDF_dwnld_button
  • Q&A

15h00-16h10: SESSION 4 – Exploiting and leveraging field data

  • Meeting the needs of mountain areas: from multi-source data collection to GIS applications – Andrea Mayer (ARENA PistenManagement, AU) PDF_dwnld_button
  • The SEDIMARK project: data quality and valorisation for water management – Franck Le Gall & Gilles Orazi (EGM) PDF_dwnld_button
  • The Scottish Water project: data processing, AI, and exploitation – Yannick Lecroart (Atos) PDF_dwnld_button
  • Q&A

16h10-17h30: SESSION 5 Data sharing for territorial management

  • Clim’Eau project: forecasting tools for regional water management – (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region) PDF_dwnld_button
  • Integrated territorial investment – Leonardo La Rocca (Regione Lombardia, IT) PDF_dwnld_button
  • The transborder project OBSERV’ALP – Bertrand Fribourg (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region), Fabrizio Ceccarelli (Agence Urbanisme Azuréenne) PDF_dwnld_button


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