9 January 2023: 19th OCOVA Forum

On January 9, 2023, the OCOVA forum continued the work of recent years by focusing on the contribution of digital technologies to the ecological transition and the evolution of tourism models.

The program focused on the components of the intelligent mountain: data collection, transfer, processing, analysis and sharing through presentations on the state of the art of technologies and case studies applied to the intelligent territory.

In other words, it was about the Internet of Things (IOT), sensors, gateways and networks, field data or data from equipment and systems (big data), their processing, and the contributions of artificial intelligence (AI) for their exploitation by service and sharing platforms. Through the presentation of case studies, everyone was able to measure the interest of these approaches to give the players in the field (operators, local authorities, individuals) the full capacity to optimize their facilities, to manage change and to engage in responsible behavior to reduce the ecological footprint and adapt their activities to climate change.

Technology keywords: IOT – LoRaWAN – LPWAN – Gateways – FIWARE – Wireless – AI – supervision – SaaS – PaaS – supervision – hypervision – eco-technology – smart technology

Functionality keywords: energy management – water management – smart mobility – circular economy – waste management – smart territory – data sharing – sustainability – local community – peer-to-peer – footprint reduction – ecology transition – mountain tourism – climate change – climate adaptation – climate mitigation

The forum presentations are now accessible and integrated in the detailed program page.

You can also view or replay the live recording of the event on Youtube:

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