8h30-9h00: Registration – Welcome

9h00-9h30: Opening by the authorities

  • Pierre Vollaire, Mayor of Les Orres, PDG Semlore, Vice President of the community of municipalities of Serre-Ponçon
  • Jean-Marie Bernard, President of tne Hautes-Alpes Departemental Council of the Hautes-Alpes
  • Chantal Eyméoud,Vice President of the Provence, Alpes, Côte d’Azur Region, President of the community of municipalities of Serre-Ponçon, Mayor of Embrun
  • Cécile Bigot-Dekeyzer, Prefect of the Hautes-Alpes

9h30-10h10: State of the art of energy technologies

  • An update on photovoltaics, hydrogen, other renewable energy resources, storage technologies and their potential in mountain areas
    CEA-Tech:  Alexandre Mignonac

10h10-11h10: 3 examples of energy solutions

3 invited solution providers present their approach to renewable energy deployment in the territories

  • ENEDIS, FlexMountain in Isola 2000, Pierrette Griaux
  • POWIDIAN, Integrated hydrogen solutions for territories, Maria Lyubimova
  • HYDROSTADIUM, Small hydropower solutions in the ski area, Grégory Macqueron

11h10-11h25: Coffee break

11h25-12h30: Projects, opportunities and financing – round table

A round table to review the development of projects and their financing
Commissariat de massif, EUSALP, SyMEnergie05, FLEXGRID, SUD and AURA Regions, funders

12h30-14h00: Buffet, exhibition, indoor and outdoor demonstrations, SME  pitches


Alpwise (IOT), Cluster Montagne (development), Energies Territoires Conseil (Enerrgy and urbanism engineering office), Follow Racer (solutions for Sports events ), Lycée des Métiers Alpes et Durance (electrotechnics & connected environments), Mersen (Energies), Micado (digital engineering), Moonbikes (Electric snowmobiles), OnTracks (Interactive GPS), Smart Altitude (Alpine Space project), Sunwind Design (Photovoltaic solutions), Spie (Electric mobility), SymEnergie05 (Smart mobility), WebSenso (web design and digital solutions)


13:45-15h00: Deployment of energy solutions in mountain resorts

  • Presentation of the Smart Altitude project and the solutions deployed in Les Orres, Madonna di Campiglio and Verbier: project’s perspectives and replicability at the Alpine Space scale.
    Les Orres/Smart Altitude (Yann Bidault, Nicolas Evrard), EDF (Quentin Daragon), OAW/IGF (Annemarie Poldermann via visioconference, CREM/TéléVerbier (Xavier Tabin)
  • The Chamrousse energy and mobility project, French Innovation, Cristina Valean

15h00-15h20: The resort of tomorrow, global view

An integrated vision of the various components of the sustainable and attractive all-season resort of tomorrow
Alp’Evasion, Olivier Boursier

15h20-16h05: the connected resort – examples of application

  • NB-IOT : application examples of the Internet of Things, SFR Business, Stéphane Carlin
  • Geopositioning solutions, security, Internet of Things, API-K, Pascal Roux
  • Access control and ticketing solutions in Serre-Chevalier, Alpwise, Serge Veyres and CDA, Patrick Arnaud

16h05-16h40: Sports & leisure all year round – dynamisation

An update on approaches to all-season outdoor mountain sports and leisure

  • Climatic approach at the Vercors scale, Villard de Lans, P. Toxé/O. Boursier)
  • Terre de Jeux project, Hautes-Alpes Department, Camille Raynaud, Christophe Marcellin
  • The outdoor mountain sports and leisure sector in the AURA Region, Mountain Cluster, Pierre-François Adam

16h40-17h30 : Mountains of tomorrow, economic and societal models

An economic and societal perspective on the development of mountain territories
Aix-Marseille University/AMSE (F. Rychen), University of Milan/UNIMONT (A. Giorgi), IRSTEA (E. George)

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